Ron Paul Brings the House Down at Texas History Museum with Explosive Showing of Support

Ron Paul brought the house down last night at the Texas History Museum in Austin, Texas. The huge museum thundered with applause from a thousand people, which lasted for nearly five minutes as he walked through the crowd toward the stage to deliver his speech.

Never in my life have I have seen anything like what I witnessed last night. He had a professional photography session for everyone to have individual photos taken with him. His speech was riveting. He committed himself to protecting individual liberties and rights first and foremost and ensuring transparent and limited government. He outlined his fiscal policy very clearly concerning how he would protect the elderly and health care programs while bringing our troops back to protect our borders and even begin to bring the deficit under control all at the same time by simply changing foreign policy. Everything he said made total sense and is the message that America needs.

There were large showings of people representing Libertarians, Republicans, and Democrats as well. His message rings true with the entire political spectrum. He spoke of how touched he was that he had so much support from so many people across the nation. Until the campaign began, he had not realized just how many people have been on his side for so long. He said he hadn’t realized just how powerful a tool of free speech that the internet was, but he sure knows now. The crowd roared with laughter and applause.

But it was what happened after his speech that gave me one of the most beautiful memories that I will never forget in my life. Ron Paul took the time to talk to anyone and everyone that wanted to spend time with him. The crowd was literally thronging him, yet it was the most peaceful scene. As he made his way slowly from the stage to the front door, a process which took well over an hour, he shook hands with people, listened to their words of encouragement and gratitude, took business cards, gave autographs, answered questions, recorded announcements for radio networks, took more pictures with people, it just went on and on. It was so touching it moved me to tears. Anything that anyone wanted from him, he gave it to them. His wife was doing the same thing. I got to speak to them both for awhile. They are the most down to earth, genuine, caring people you will ever meet. Anyone could tell that this was a sincere display of care for the people and not some politician giving out phony handshakes and a plastic smile with lip service just to get votes.

When I say the man and his family are for real, they ARE. He proved to me last night that he truly is committed to protecting individual liberty and freedom because he treated everyone in that crowd last night as individuals. He did not just address us as a group. He cared for each person as an individual and spent time with each person after his speech.

Ron Paul showed me how a president is supposed to relate to the people. He showed me that he’s just one of us, like your next door neighbor or a good friend. He doesn’t put himself above anyone at all. Ron Paul treats people as equals and engages in conversation with them. His wife Carol is the same way. We were talking, laughing, joking, she was giving me and my friends hugs, it felt like I’d known her for years, like she was part of my family.

I feel certain that Ron Paul will do as he says he will and I believe he will even open the White House again to the public. And why shouldn’t he? It’s the peoples’ White House anyway. It’s a historical museum and part of the history of our country. I toured the White House with my parents when I was a child. We need to give that experience to our future generations.

We need to do everything we can to spread the word and get this man into office. There is no one else like him. No one even comes close. He is a true patriot and someone who really cares for the people of this country. Everyone who takes the time to listen to him cannot help but love the man. Thank you Ron Paul, for everything you’re giving to us. We are going to push you all the way into the White House.

Deborah Stevens
Austin, Texas

Producer of the activist band Three Shoes Posse

Radio Talk show host of the judicial activist show,
“The Rule of Law”, Thurs & Fri. evenings, 9-11 pm CST
Streaming and Podcasting live from “We The People Radio Network”

Deborah is also now privileged to be a co-host of one of the longest running and most popular Public Access Cable TV shows in Austin – “The Jeff Davis Show”, featuring Jeff Davis and Terry “Liberty” Parker. Libertarian views meet outrageous comedy! On the air every Sunday night from 10-11pm CST since 1990 – over 8000 shows! Broadcast worldwide on the internet.


19 Responses to “Ron Paul Brings the House Down at Texas History Museum with Explosive Showing of Support”

  1. field mcconnell Says:


    I was in attendance in Austin and agree with you. I was there as a representitive of HawksCAFE and Captain Sherlock, a public intelligence and counter intelligence service which is staunchly in RP’s corner. I
    would like to think that of the 1000 people there, I came the longest
    distance, 1400 miles from Fargo ND.

    Field McConnell,,

  2. cadeveo Says:

    He’s one of the good ones: a man of good principles, humility and honesty.

  3. Kurt Tompkins Says:

    I felt the same way when I saw him in Brenham that very day. What a belssing he is to America..

    Kurt Tompkins

  4. Cindy Tosti Says:

    I Vote Ron Paul

  5. Top Posts « Says:

    […] Ron Paul Brings the House Down at Texas History Museum with Explosive Showing of Support Ron Paul brought the house down last night at the Texas History Museum in Austin, Texas. The huge museum thundered with […] […]

  6. Trevor Berry Says:

    Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air. I will put his name in front of as many people as I can. We need paper ballots.

  7. Bob Meyer Says:

    He’s the answer to millions of prayers. I worry for his safety because the Illuminotti can NOT aford to let him be elected. A large false flag terrorism event would likely be done under Bush if nothing else is able to stop him. Even rigged voting machines might be able to stop him. He needs to have tough personal guards between him and the Secret Service which is as corrupt as it needs to be. After all, Reagan claimed that he was shot by the same S S guy who pushed him into the limo back seat (and shot him in the process) when Hinkley was shooting! You can find that article on RENSE. ISSUE: the NIMH batteries in the RAV-Electric are all the technology we need! BP Oil succeded in forcing their production to be stopped because they had bought up the patent and beat Toyota in court! The president could override that patent in a “National Emergency”. Ron Paul could expose the establishment as a complete enviromental fraud with this issue! The oil companies (BP in this case)are in complete control. The story, as always was on (or the link) about 2 – 3 months ago. SEARCH it, and raise the issue with Ron Paul and whomever!!!!!!!!

  8. Greg LaBelle Says:

    Go Ron. The only sane GOP vote.

  9. NH 4 RonPaul Says:

    Better write to Michelle Malking and tell her to lay off Ron. What is she scared of and why is being ‘thought’ police? She was on OReilly on May 21…

  10. Mark Blakeman Says:

    Ron Paul is an answer to a big prayer! My concern for his campaign is the negative propaganda toward him coming from corporate/banker-controlled media. I’m curious if Ron would get rid of NAFTA and CAFTA and keep jobs in the U.S.?

  11. Gary Conner Says:

    I wasn’t able to attend, but I am not surprised at your description of your feelings about the straightforward honesty of Congressman Ron Paul.
    Especially considering the courage he has displayed by long ago making his positition clear on the danger of illegal immigration while each and every other Politician (with the exception of his good friend Congressman Trancredo) lick their collective fingers and stick them in the air to decide what their “values” and positions will be in this issue on this particular election cycle.
    This morning I heard Monica Crowley on MSNBC make the astounding statement that “Guliani or any other front runnercould wrap the election up totally, by making a stand which reflects the will of the American.”
    Instead of pointing out that Ron Paul has been a proponent for years of exactly that (i.e., actual enforcement of law) she and the so called “host” totally disregarded Ron Paul’s longstanding position on illegal aliens, and did not even mention it. They simply spent all their time trying to suggest to Guliani’s and McCain’s camps that they ought to open their damned eyes. But they didn’t once mention Ron Paul except to slander him.
    If there ever was a man we desperately needed in the White House, it is a guy with Ron Paul’s longstanding record on foreign policy, fiscal policy, and immigration policy. Passing up Ron Paul as Presidential Nominee of the Republican Party for Guliani or McCain, would be much like throwing a brick to a drowning man instead of a life preserver. But the media is sure trying to effect it.
    Ms. Crowley made the absurd statement that Guliani “won the debates by slamming Ron Paul” (with that disengenuous position he “formulated” within seconds) that Ron Paul had suggested Americans (rather than our long standing flawed foreign policy) caused the attacks in 2001.
    It is saddening to see the media (both neo-con and left wing socialist) try and destroy Dr. Paul just because he doesn’t believe we ought to be the world’s Military Policeman, or because he suggested we ought to understand the mindset of our enemy if we are wanting to survive this dangerous moment in history.
    Ron Paul’s honesty and determination is what passionately inspires people to go to the polls and vote. I doubt John (a.k.a. “Let’s VOID the 1st Amendment”) McCain or Rudy (a.k.a. Let’s VOID the 2nd Amendment) Guliani could inspire anyone to stand in line for free beer,much less inspire the Republican base to go to the polls.
    The fact is Ron Paul is the ONLY hope for the Republican Party to win the White House in 2008 and it is because people KNOW he is telling the truth, and trust his veracity.

  12. Ernst F. Kriesner Says:

    Wake up America! All you need to do is to support Ron Paul, the only true Patriot!

  13. cowboydailycom Says:

    I have always admired Ron Paul, he seems to be on the same page as the Founding Fathers.. A gathering of brilliant people of which this world has not ever witnessed before or since.

  14. Warren Wilson Says:

    Thank God for Ron Paul–America’s savior! I am an active member of The Nationalist Times discussion forum ( My colleagues and I are doing everything in our power to promote Dr. Paul. Should he not be the GOP nominee, he ought to win with the biggest landslide ever as an independent candidate–call the party whatever name you will. No country more desperately needs a regime change than the United States. Finally the people are being heard. Run, Ron, run … chase all those Republicrat traitors out of Washington, D.C.

  15. Razib Says:

    A very nice man

    Canvas of life – The lives of real people around

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  17. Search Ron Paul Says:

    Have you seen the President Ron Paul search engine?

  18. Steven Speece Says:

    I have informed the GLOP that if Ron Paul or Tancredo is not their candidate for pres that I would vote a straight democratic ticket to punish the party.

  19. Whitetop Says:

    Wow! Wish I had been there.

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